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Calling All High-Achieving
Spiritual Boomer Women!



What’s keeping you up at night?

A recent study revealed that 87% of women feel anxious about their finances due to unexpected expenses, health care costs, credit card debt and more. Saving for retirement gives 29% of women apparently the most anxiety.

Many boomer women, (often single again) 50 and older with retirement on the horizon, are part of a demographic that is either aging out or being pushed out of the traditional workforce.

Many find that there are worries about debt that might increase due to lingering loans, mortgage payments, medical bills, etc.

Currently, in the U.S. alone, about 1.7 million people 55 and older are unemployed and looking for work … or hating their low paying dead-end job that gives them a meager existence, with their hopes of their retirement dreams fulfilled, sadly trashed.




There is HOPE, if you have been affected by all this ….
There is hope for you to create wealth and wellness!


“I choose to make the rest of my life the BEST of my life.”

~Louise Hay

So, if you feel like the clock is ticking…

If you’re determined to experience everything you desire that you DIDN’T get in the first half of life…

If you’ve been taking care of everyone else and you know for sure that this is YOUR time now…

If your dreams are too big to be financed on the remaining j.o.b. salary, or the retirement funds just aren’t what you had hoped them to be…

If you’ve waited long enough and feel like it’s time to have all of the success, happiness and freedom you desire.

But, you find it challenging to accomplish the dreams that are most important to you …

…. Then this Community and Team of Divine Womanly Alchemists is for you!

Why? Because YOU are a Feminine Spiritual Leader!

There is an entrepreneurial spirit in you that desires full expression, rather than feeling exhausted in a dead-end job, … or if you are a coach or healer, bodyworker, therapist and struggle to take your business to a higher level …

You have gained wisdom and experience over the many years and yearn to change and transform the world around you in greater measure …

As change agents – coaches, practitioners, healers, etc – we are in the business of empowering others. But how can we REALLY do that at the highest level (and in some cases, at all) if we are not financially empowered first?

You empower others to change their lives.
And yet, there is no real empowerment without also financial empowerment!


As a community and team,
we work on releasing all barriers to money,
magnetizing abundance
manifesting health, wealth, joy and love
in all areas of our lives.


When we not only understand but also embody the energetic principles of abundance attraction and live in alignment with them, attracting opportunities manifest with greater grace and ease.

So, I invite you to shine in your transformational work even brighter, as well as let’s support each other to reduce potential money drama we might have, on any level!


“Financial fitness is one of the highest forms of self-care there is.”

~ Elizabeth Purvis


We use Young Living Essential Oils protocols for all things manifesting success:
clearing blocks, releasing toxic emotions, shifting patterns,
fueling your subconscious,
taking aligned action and more…

Join us to create your own personal economy
in this vibrant community of like-minded Divine Womanly Alchemists


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