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Welcome to the Oils Infused Midlife Magic Circle!

I’m Geli. I’m so glad you’re here!

Imagine you could develop and cultivate a skill set that would allow you to flourish in a truly magical joyful and fulfilling and successful life?

Imagine being surrounded by others, sincerely routing for you to live your best life, consciously creating the outcomes you choose, instead of living on autopilot or being ruled by circumstance…

Imagine that you could actually plan for the best years of your life to come – with disposable income of your choice, emotional and physical wellness, surrounded by genuine friends, enjoying what you’ve always desired to do and have

… and even the possibility to create a will-able legacy income for your children and grandchildren to enjoy forever …

I know, once upon a time my future looked bleak, so I made the choice to not only create hope, healing and joy for myself, but also for countless of other women. Being a holistic psychologist I have helped many people over the decades, especially women who experienced all sorts of issues, stress, and trauma.

I know how all this can create an internal blocks we are sometimes not even fully aware of. It’s time to move forward, and for you, too ♥


This site is full of resources to help you be, do or have anything you truly Desire. Here are some things you don’t want to miss…