What actually is CBD … and how can it help you?

For those of you who are not too sure about CBD, or Cannabidiol, medicinal Canabis, I posted thee videos on the right hand side. The last one is quite scientific … for those of you who are science nerds (… like me 🙂 )

I like to have some sort of an understanding as to why something works, and why it would be good for me, friends, family and beloved pets. Yes, you read correctly, CBD is actually enormously helpful to our furry and feathered friends!

Due to a host of different reasons, primarily unhealthy lifestyle, stress, environmental toxic overload, processed foods with dangerous chemicals in them, we see an escalation of devastating diseases in our own bodies, as well as our animals.

There is a growing awareness of the importance of organic whole foods, unprocessed and as much as possible toxin free. More and more people feed their pets a species-specific diet, such as raw prey food like our cats and dogs, as carnivores, would naturally eat in the wild.

Although more involved than opening a can of processed pet food or shaking overheated dry kibble out of the box, this is infinitely more rewarding than spending time and money at the veterinarian practice, and seeing our fur babies suffer.

Whilst prevention is the best medicine, we do not live on some sort of an isolated spot on this earth where there is absolutely no pollution via water streams, oceans, or air pollution via ‘chemtrails’ or wind distributed pesticides, etc. It is not practical for most of us to live like a distant off-grid hermit, thus it’s not possible to avoid toxins altogether, but we can do our bit to minimize them as much as possible. For that reason I am a strong advocate of the Young Living Essential Oils brand with their mission to provide anyone with toxin free products, infused with 100% therapeutic essential oils, to avoid harmful fumes from air fresheners as well as chemically loaded household cleaning, and so much more.

But what about if you and your pets have already been subject to all this harmful load and both you and your pets are not feeling well? Whilst I am definitely not against western allopathic modern medicine, it certainly can safe lives, it is good to remember that our bodies have the capacity to heal themselves, provided they are supported in the most natural way. Throughout this website I recommend complimentary holistic and integrative approaches to healing and wellness, whether this is with REALLY pure therapeutic essential oils, vibrational energy medicine and energy psychology, and also the use of full spectrum CBD with its entourage effect of wellness.

Indeed, using CBD and essential oils combined provides a powerful synergistic support for the wellbeing of ourselves and our animals. They complete each other when being part of a healthy lifestyle.

Personally, I daily use essential oils plus also CBD, which all together have had and still have the most astounding health benefits in my life.

When it comes to CBD, I recommend you two companies. I have used and currently still use their products. Why two? Well, due to international legal determinants, CBD products with up to their permitted THC amount of 0.03% may not be imported from the USA to the UK and Europe, nor exported from the UK/Europe to the USA.

I live currently in the UK, so I use the high quality Swiss produced CBD. If you, dear reader, live in the USA, I have an US company that I can recommend … and have used.

When it comes to CBD, it is really important to really know where the hemp is grown and what extraction methods used. Both the recommended companies utilize local farms for their hemp and sophisticated CO2 extraction, and making certain that no pathogens, molds, heavy metals, and other nasties are present in the oils.

Enjoy the educational videos and get your own CBD products. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Although CBD oil up to 0.03% THC is legal in both the USA and Europe/U.K., there are export and import restrictions between the countries.
Thus you cannot order CBD containing 0.03% THC (which is the upper legal limit) from the UK/EU if you live in the US, and vice versa.

For this reason I am recommending two different reputable companies.
So, if you live in the USA you can order your CBD products from the US company, just scroll down and follow the link.
Likewise, if you live in the UK/EU, follow the link to the UK/EU company
(above the US company)



Genius Hemp


High Quality CBD Oil You Can Trust!

These days everyone seems to be jumping on the CBD ‘band wagon’. Some have called it the ‘Green Rush’ as it indeed appears to be a very lucrative industry … and growing.

Whilst I am so glad that the ridiculous legal restrictions are falling, thus providing some very real health benefits to all ages and pets, the doors are also open for companies to get cheap botanicals from dodgy sources full of pesticides, and harmful chemicals, etc.

With the so often delicate health conditions we wish to correct to feel better, purity is of supreme importance!

I am not implying that there are not really good and trustworthy companies out there … there definitely are some very good ones … but we nonetheless need to be diligent to ensure we consume the best we can get!

After having done some of my own research, and tried other brands, I found “Genius Hemp” CBD products, which are produced and created from some of the finest grown hemp in Europe, Switzerland. Their CBD Oil is one of the highest quality organic CBD oils available on the global market today. Drawing on a combination of years of experience, traditional organically grown botanicals, and the latest scientific processes, they can ensure that their CBD products remain the best of the best.

From a country of pristine white mountain tops, fresh crystal clear mountain water streams, clean air, and known for their Swiss precision science, their oils are 100% natural. They will not allow the use of any pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers, genetically modified products or growth hormones anywhere in their production process – just as Mother Nature intended …. that, to my mind, is pretty impressive!


Power and Purity

Not only is their hemp extremely clean, but it has also been selectively and naturally bred to ensure that its CBD content far outweighs that of normal hemp – boosting power and purity.

All of their CBD oil is lab tested, from seed to shelf, tested for CBD content, other cannabinoids, contaminants, dangerous bacteria and mould and funguses to ensure both safety and quality.

“Genius Hemp” only offers products from this Swiss manufacturer which, as mentioned, grows the Hemp plants to the highest standard, purified using the latest scientific methods, analysed and tested from seed to shelf, and blended to offer a range of strengths from 2.5% (1.25mg per drop), to 20% (10mg per drop).

With thousands of experiments and laboratory tests being carried out over recent years there is much documented evidence of the benefits of CBD. However, this has not been carried out extensively on humans. Today, professional, world class sports people and athletes are allowed to use CBD to help them, so reducing their reliance on pharmaceutical alternatives.

“Genius Hemp” is my personal choice of brand, and I cannot recommend it highly enough! However, sadly it is only available to be shipped within Europe and the UK, due to international import and export laws on full spectrum terpene CBD.

So, if you happen to live in the UK / European region, you might want to check out their impressive range of CBD products … Click on the red “GH” button below.


To buy your own high quality CBD products (UK/EU),
click on the Red Button below














Why HempWorx CBD Oil Products?

HempWorx CBD Oil products are made with certified organic hemp grown in the USA and are free of any synthetic or artificial ingredients. Their non-GMO products are third-party lab tested, they contain no pesticides, chemicals, nor any altering products outside its natural state.

The Kentucky farm is FDA compliant, and everything is tested in an FDA Approved facility. Their full spectrum CBD oil products contain less than .03% THC, plus they have a THC-Free CBD Oil as well.




HempWorx has a range of products, including for pets






Here is a fun video to watch