Clarity is Your Light on Your Path Forward!


Are you fighting yourself …,
trying to force yourself to do something you don’t care much about,
or don’t enjoy doing?


Do you see and understand things clearly? … or
Do you live in this limbo fog and frustration
not knowing what to do next?


How clear is your insight and inner guidance? Are you able to glean the deeper meaning of the events and circumstances of your life? Or do you get stuck seeing only the surface of an issue?

Have you ever struggled to know what you should do next in life, felt confused, or had trouble envisioning your future?

Clarity relates to thought. If your thoughts are unclear—if you don’t understand something or you can’t express yourself clearly because your thinking is ambiguous—then the world reflects that back to you.

Clear thought create clear responses. Unclear thoughts create unclear responses.

Clear thoughts create clear results. Unclear thoughts create unclear results.


Here’s a quick tip using the “Clarity” essential oil blend in your morning prayerful and meditative ritual:


Add a drop or two of “Clarity” into the palm of your hands and intentionally rub them together. Place your hands over your heart area and breathe deeply.

Imagine you could feel your heart and hold it with love and gratitude.

Receive the clarity and wisdom your heart is ready to access for you. Allow your mind to drop into that heart wisdom and breathe slowly and purposefully.

Then lay your hands over your forehead and anoint that part of your brain which is connected with receiving wisdom into your inner ‘knower’. That part is also closely associated with the pituitary gland, which coordinates and integrates the endocrine system, and with the brain and nervous system.

Finally cup your hands, with the remainder of the oil on them, over your nose – face, close your eyes, deeply breathe and declare:

I Am Clarity & Insight
I Am in tune with
inner Wisdom easily
I am deeply guided
in all moments …
I see through to the truth of things
I live my life with clarity and insight
I am intuitive and wise
I am gratitude
I am divine health,
I am provision,
I am integrity,
I am loyalty,
I am peace,
I am understanding,
I am wisdom,
I am creativity,
I am energy,
I am all of divine I AM now and always

with love,