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IW - Oily Classes




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Where do you start with literally hundreds of different life-changing products?

Imagine you could walk into a wellness store and walk the isles with hundreds of different products of:

  • 100% organic therapeutic essential oils and oil blends
  • FDA approved all natural essential oils based Over-The-Counter pain, arthritis, coughs and cold relief (yes, Young Living is the first and only essential oils company which sells FDA approved MEDICINES!)
  • Power nutrition products for sports wellness, functional vitality drinks, and weight solutions products
  • A large range of essential oil infused vitamin supplements
  • The finest anti-aging and beauty care line
  • The most delightfully soothing, invigorating or sensual bath toiletries
  • Toxin free household cleaning and laundry products
  • Safe pet range wellness products, even for larger animals such as horses
  • … and so much more …

All of them organic, totally natural products, essential oils infused, that will boost your health and wellness WITHOUT damaging the environment and our planet!

Imagine you walked into a store like this, you’d feel overwhelmed not knowing where or how to start, right?!

This is why we offer you a free class to introduce you to the most popular every day essential oils and products, and give you an opportunity to buy your own kit at wholesale price. This will give you a chance to learn more how you can start on your journey of health and ageless vitality for yourself and your family.




IW - Opportunity - Love it Share it Free star

Love it. Share it!

… and enjoy increasing prosperity!

We all know about the enormous advertising budgets of multinational corporations. We are daily bombarded with conflicting messages of what is supposedly good for us … depending on media campaigns created by spin-doctors.

In a modern world of social media and global awareness, we do not tend to trust main stream media any more, especially when it comes to our own health!

The key is in trusted grass-root education of a word-of-mouth wellness revolution.

This is where the power of Network Marketing comes in! Not only to educate others about safe wholesome natural products, first hand experienced to be true by ourselves, products that benefit us and our global environment, but also to educate others to help them make a difference financially in their lives.

Plus being able to give back in a greater measure and contribute liberally to causes we feel passionate about!

In a world where financial security and jobs are no longer a given, we have the opportunity to create our own personal economy and helping others to do the same.

Network Marketing as an industry has dramatically changed and has become a very honourable business to pursue. Some very influential economists have heralded this type of enterprise as the business of the future. Why? Because it is based on people helping people in global communities, whilst changing the lives for the better from the grassroots up.

So, for example, the advertising budget and profits of an organization is shared out among the various individual business builders.

It is a system that is NOT based on greed where “the rich becoming richer, and the poor becoming poorer”, but it’s a business for people who like helping other people that levels the economic playing field, so that all those willing to work really hard can prosper enormously and create their own financial freedom.

It’s just a better way to create a sustainable and potentially residual income.

So, if you are interested to earn some extra cash … or just get your beloved essential oils products paid for, I invite you to a FREE class to learn more.



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Beauty School

True beauty resides within all of us. Prepare to radiate beauty within and without as you discover natural products that reveal the glow you were born with.

Free from the harmful chemicals found in many mainstream skin and hair products, Young Living’s beauty products contain all natural-ingredients infused with essential oils. These precious oils are a centuries-old beauty secret that can refine your complexion’s appearance.

While we can’t turn back time, we can still help our skin to have a youthful glow! Formulated with the natural power of essential oils, our anti-aging line protects and revitalizes the appearance of your skin for a more radiant-looking you.





IW - Make and Take

Solid Perfumes – So Trendy and Sensuous to Wear!

Like to Learn to Make Your Own Signature Scent?

Aromatic salves are the solid perfumes which ooze out amazing fragrances when they are gently massaged into your body.

100% natural ingredients. No alcohol. No risk of spilling the perfume.
Perfect for clutch purses and small bags.

These classes are fun and oh so very feminine!

Can you imagine the good laughs we have when we make some intimate lubes at other times, or some wonderful soft anti-wrinkle creams … or luscious fizzy bath bombs, or ….

Come and join us …






IW - Menopause_a

Menopause and Beyond – The New Alluring Years

Menopause is an intriguing and exciting developmental stage of our lives. It changes us at the core level of our being. It is designed to heal all the unhealed parts in us, and that’s why some call it the ‘wisdom of menopause’.

It is a time when we are given the opportunity to re-invent ourselves at the deepest level, and it sets the stage for the rest of our life.

How you get older is largely a matter of choice. Getting older is inevitable, aging, deterioration and decline, what we call aging, is optional.

Mainstream medicine almost wants us to believe that menopause is an unfortunate condition or disease to be cured with the help of pharmaceuticals. The beauty is that there is no need to go that route!

As a group of women we are there for each other, learn from each other and tackle some of the symptoms by learning to give our body the right nutrition and support it needs to naturally adapt to the change.

You will also learn that sex can become so much better and more rewarding than it was before …. Why? … You’ll find out in the class!

This workshop is part of a series, and we explore how we can create the best and juiciest of our lives to come by using essential oils, together with energy medicine and energy psychology, and the most recent bio-quantum research in a holistic way.




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