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Muscle Testing – Applied Kinesiology (AK)


muscle testing 1

Muscle Testing gives you an understanding of what deeply resonants as truth or untruth to you in your subconscious and on a cellular body memory level of your body intelligence.

It is NOT New Age, fortune-telling, or getting a glimpse into the future!

Muscle testing is a way to access the subconscious mind getting simple yes/no answers. This is a powerful tool to get to see into your own subconscious that will help to find where you might have been sabotaging yourself through inner blockages, limiting beliefs, traumas and even allergies. There is nothing mysterious, woowoo or spooky about it when you understand the principles of muscles responding to electromagnetic stimuli.


There are different types of muscle / electro-magnetic tests In this write-up I will just be covering four different methods. There are more. I will list them in two broad categories:

The Strength Based Test, and
The Pendulum Based Test


The Strength Based Test, testing the strength of the muscles.

The strength of the muscles in this test with tell us whether a statement resonants true or false with our own subconscious, and body cellular memory.

The reason this works is that our muscles are little electromagnetic ‘machines’. If you ever have been in a physiotherapist office, or have been through rehabilitation after surgery, you know that a physiotherapist office is full of electrical equipments. Why? Because doctors and physiotherapists understand that muscles run on electricity.

Muscles have this interesting property: e.g. when you take a muscle and put it into a strong electro-magnetical field, that muscle actually becomes stronger, it can contract stronger. On the same flip side, if you take that muscle into a weaker electrical field, it will actually become weaker. So, seeing how strong a muscle is, we can determine what the strength of the field is, and therefore determine that what we are saying, is true or false to the subconscious.


The Arm Lever Test.

This is the most common and the most popular test. We are basically checking the strength in someone’s out stretched arm.

If a statement resonants true with that person’s subconscious mind and with their body intelligence, the electro-magnetic field around their body will become stronger; and because the field in and around their body becomes stronger, their muscles respond stronger as a result.

If a statement resonants false to their subconscious, and the electro-magnetic field in and around them becomes weak, the muscles respond as weak. Positive statements can cause the field to get stronger.

You can watch this phenomenon for example in the gym where people lift weights. You may have noticed that sometimes others stand close to a person lifting and shout encouragingly something like, “Yeah go for it, you can do it”, or “Yes, Yes, Yes! Do it!” That positive cheering actually can cause the energy in the electromagnetic field to get stronger, and thus the muscles to be stronger.

With the arm lever test you need two people to do it. It does not work pushing on your own arm.

The next one, is also a strength based test you can do on your own or with a partner.


The Finger Ring Test

You make a ring with your fingers; basically with your thumb and your first finger you form a ring. Then you make statements and check the strength of the ring by pushing on it. If you make a statement that resonants true with your subconscious, the field around your body becomes strong, and the finger muscles will become strong, and the ring will hold. If you make a statement that resonants false to your subconscious, the field will weaken, and the ring will open.

Again, this test is easier to do on another person. You need to hold with the same strength every time and the tester needs to pull with the same strength every time. The true statement for the subconscious strengthens the field and the muscles become stronger. The statements that are false to the subconscious, cause the field to weaken, and therefore the muscles go weak.


Pendulum Testing

Normally a pendulum is any weight on a string. The pendulum is sensitive to the energy of our field, and so, if I pull the pendulum in front of me close to my body, pull it straight and then let go of it, it’s going to be pretty much centre.

If I hold the pendulum and then gently let go of it and say, “I am a woman” I notice that the pendulum swings in a clockwise direction. It makes a circle is a clockwise direction. That’s how the pendulum says ‘yes’.

If I hold the pendulum and then let go and then say, “I am a man” I’ll notice that the pendulum now circles in a counter-clockwise direction. That means ‘no’. For some people the pendulum goes forwards and backwards with a ‘yes’, and a ‘no’ goes side to side. For some people a ‘yes’ goes in a circle and a ‘no’ goes forwards and backwards.

Everybody is a little bit different. This is why with all muscle and electro-magnetic energy field tests, you need to establish first a persons ‘true / false baseline’.


Standing Version of the Muscle Test, or as I call it, The Entire Body Pendulum Test

It’s a test that everyone can do right away, without needing any training or practice. We turn the whole body into a pendulum. We stand up and make statements that resonant true or false to our subconscious, and the body will actually move forwards or backwards depending whether or not those statements were resonating true or false to the subconscious mind with the body’s own intelligence.

When we do the standing test, the first important thing to note is that you want to be standing facing the magnetic North!

The closer you are aligned with the magnetic North, the faster easier and clearer the test will be. When you make statements that resonate true to your own subconscious, the electro-magnetic field in and around your body will strengthen, and it will actually tilt or pull you forwards, towards magnetic North.

When you make a statement that resonants false with your subconscious, the field will weaken and it will tilt or push you backwards towards the magnetic south.

The position of the feet should be a little bit narrower than shoulder width apart – that is important. Also it’s best to have your toes pointed straight forward, so there is no bend in the toes.

If the toes are open, such as in a duck-toe position, pointing to the outside, that will cause your balance point to shift backwards; if your toes are closed, this will cause the balance to move forward.

For most people, they test best with the toes pointed straight forward and a little bit narrower than shoulder width apart.

The next thing to check is the position of the body. You want to be standing very tall and straight. You don’t want to be slouched over, or crouched down, you don’t want to have any bend in the knees. It’s important that your legs are straight and your knees are straight. However, you don’t want to lock tight, tensing your muscles, or try to make your muscles tighter.

So, the legs are straight with no bend in the knee, but you are also not tensing, pulling or straining the muscles. Stand as straight as you can in a relaxed posture with your upper body and the head very much upright.

The feeling you want to have when you do the standing test is like you are floating on top of your legs. The legs should feel like two straight supports, two stilts that the upper body and the head kind of floats on top. This floaty feeling is so important, because, again, what we are working with is the subtle energy magnetism.

When the electro-magnetic field around your body strengthens it will suddenly tilt or push you forward. When the magnetic field weakens, it will suddenly tilt or push you backwards (with some people it is the reverse … always establish the person’s ‘true/false baseline first!).

If you are crouched down in a strong stance, you are not going to feel the subtle push and pull of the magnetism. When you have that balanced floating feeling, however, when your sensitive to the pushing and pulling of the magnetic forces, it will be much easier to feel it.

The most common way is that the whole body tilts or moves forward. Some people, however, feel a subtle push forward or backwards around the centre of your body, like a little magnetic thing pushing you in the small of your back.



Before you start, you need to first “Zip the Field”!

In your home you may be familiar with a ‘trip switch’ or ‘toggle switch’ with which you can switch the mains electricity on or off.

In electrical engineering, a switch is an electrical component that can break an electrical circuit, interrupting the current or diverting it from one conductor to another. The mechanism actuating the transition between these two states (open or closed) can be either a “toggle” (flip switch for continuous “on” or “off”) or “momentary” (push-for “on” or push-for “off”) type.(Wikipedia)

Because our body has electro-magnetic circuits our ‘electric mains’ can also be switched off. The main line runs vertically from the base of your body up to the crown of your head.

“Zipping the field”, looks like you are going to zip a giant sleeping bag. There are many influences out there that might interfere with your magnetic field around your body and change the result of your muscle test, e.g. other people’s thoughts, electromagnetic radiation, etc. This can influence your own magnetic field.

Zipping the field, temporarily balances your own energy. So if you happened to be influenced by, e.g. walking near electrical equipment, zipping the field will re-balance your energy and make it easier and faster to muscle test.

Imagine a giant zip, use your hand to start starting zipping up from below your body’s base or root (but without bending over), and move up vertically, on the centre line, straight up over the top of the head and take the arm way off at the side. It is important that your arm comes up over and above your head when you take comes up.


The Importance of Water and Minerals

Muscle testing does not work that well if you are dehydrated and demineralised (not having enough minerals in your body). Minerals have been much depleted out of the soil where our food is grown, so few of us are actually getting enough minerals in our diet.

Muscle testing is an electrical phenomenon, it works based on electricity moving through the body. The way electricity moves through the body is in minerals suspended in water, therefore if you are not well hydrated, or you are not well mineralized, you may have trouble muscle testing. So you may need to take a mineral supplement. Ask your doctor or nutritional advisor.