Infuse Your Ageless Energy & Deep Inner Radiance with NingXia Red®


Namaste, Goddess!

“The divine in me honours the divine in you”. Graced by your presence here in this web space, Goddess, I honour you.


Now, you may not feel like a Goddess right now, and you might even think that this greeting is a bit over the top, woowoo, or that I might have just come from a yoga class or returned from an Ashram. None of that is the case!

…. and what on earth does this have anything to do with a functional nutrition drink?


Allow me to explain, please.

In our fast paced society, rushing from activities to activities in the pursuit of success and happiness, we tend to forget who we actually really are: infinite divine beings at ONE with Source, whatever lable or name you chose to use.

In fact, looking at ancient texts, there is a name: “I Am That (Who) I Am” אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה (Exodus 3:14,15) “… This is My name forever, and this is how I am to be remembered in every generation.…” This was God speaking to Moses from the burning bush. Thus if you start your sentence with “I am …” you are actually referencing the name of God / Goddess / Source … ok, slightly getting ahead of myself in this writing …


You, my dear Sister, you are ONE with God. Your spirit, your Essence is inseparably ONE with the Source, the Creator of the universe. Thou Art Goddess!

I am here to awaken and remind you who you really are, so that Your Divine Essence rises to shine in all her radiance!

These are not just words! When you fully embrace the deep meaning of this knowing, it opens up a very positive heart energy. Allow me to expand on this…


Most of us who have been around this planet for many decades and lived life with all its challenges, are likely to have closed our hearts in order to not experience more pain. Deeply trusting to the point of relinquishing control over ‘everything’, stepping into a ‘letting go’ surrender, is almost impossible for most of us. (… by this I do not mean doing without appropriate boundaries which are vitally important!)


Well, when we close and protect our hearts to that extend as to not letting through pain, unfortunately this also shuts the doors for love to come in. Most of us have been starving behind the very doors that we closed to feel safe.

Whilst this is absolutely understandable, my dear Sister, I too have very much been there myself, there is someone you can trust, and that is Your Inner Essence, inseparably ONE with the Goodness of the Universe, the Source, Creator of Abundance of Love, Love Him/Herself.


When you close your eyes and become still from all the noises, both outside and inside your head, imagine you could step into the sacred space of your heart centre and then open up to your own divine inner essence, the Goddess within.

As you open up to Her, your true self, go ahead and notice a warm, loving, healing golden glow emanating, gradually widening into a beautiful bright light. This is the real you, you can open to and trust. From this space you can access a higher wisdom and so much more.


Now, why is this so important to mention when I desire to share with you NingXia Red®, a powerful nutritional infusion drink? The reason is, that I desire for you to be fully nourished by it.

You see, when we emotionally and energetically close ourselves, it affects so much more than our minds. Our physical cells close up into a protective capsule. There is good reason for that! As we live in constant stress of modern living, our cortisol levels are also on a constant high.

Cortisol, a hormone, is very useful when you are in brief dangerous situations. You know about the ‘fight or flight’ response. However, most people live in a daily high level cortisol existence. When cortisol surges through the body, it is powerful, but can be dangerous to the wellbeing of your cells on a long-term basis, so your cells close up … and that also means that whatever goodness you eat or drink, will not have the highest benefits for you.


Thus, being able to relax into total trusting in the Divine, in Source, is the high road to opening your body, especially on a cellular level, into receiving the best nutrients. So, allow your inner Goddess, your inner divine essence, to permeate you with the healing light of openness, so you can benefit from all the goodness of this liquid supplement. It is, after all, a precious gift from the earth!


Let’s have a look at the Anti-Ageing benefits

As you know, I am absolutely age-positive, celebrating the age we have reached. I see the term ‘ageless’ as a joyful ‘can-do’ attitude, a positive mental disposition, someone who is still playful, fun, curious about life and all the amazing wonders this beautiful planet has to offer.


However, if your vivacious and adventurous and fun loving mind is not supported by a healthy fit body, this can cause some frustrations.

One of the main aspect of body ageing is the ‘work’ of the so-called free radicals. Free radicals have been linked to ageing and cause oxidative damage that can result in the development of a wide range of illnesses and diseases.

Oxidation increases when we are exposed to stress, toxins, and infections.

Inside everyone of your cells you have antioxidant ‘generators’ such as Super Oxide Dismutage that work tirelessly every second of every day to wipe out as many free radicals as they can. However, the lifestyles most people live, the bodies can’t keep up, so we need extra antioxidants in our food and supplements to help them fight.


This how Young Living’s NingXia Red® can help you:

NingXia Red® is a potent nutrition supplement drink containing whole Ningxia wolfberry puree, plus blueberries, aronia, cherries, pomegranates, plums, natural stevia extract, grape seed extract, pure vanilla extract, plus orange, yuzu, lemon and tangerine essential oils to support the body’s normal cellular function, pH, blood sugar, digestion and immunity. It also reduces menopausal symptoms, builds strong blood, enhances memory and recall ability, optimises cardiovascular health, and so much more.


Watch the video here on the right → to give you further understanding.

The Ningxia wolfberry (also goji berry), is one of the highest antioxidants known. In addition to the wolfberries, there is also an ingredient synergy at work in NingXia Red, as the raspberries, blueberries and pommegranates are also potent antioxidants. Even the essential oils of orange and lemon in this powerful juice contain the antioxidants d-Limonene.


The Ningxia wolfberries have been used in traditional Chinese culture for over 5,000 years.

Wolfberries have been renowned for their wide range of health benefits within Ancient Chinese medical texts.
The people who consumed the wolfberry fruit lived free from common diseases like arthritis, cancer and diabetes … as well as increasing their average life expectancy to over 100 years!

So, dear Goddess, let’s toast to each other’s increasing and sustained health and wellness, enjoying life to the fullest!