A Magical Surrender Nurturing Yourself … Come ♥


Allow me to invite you to a little leisurely walk around in my neighbourhood.

Let’s take this conversation out into the gently warming sunshine filtering through the branches overhanging the small river dancing in the water ripples …

Let’s just sit down playing with our feet in the river gravel, breathe, dream, soak in the late summer stillness and chat.

My Sister, I admire your resilience, I admire what you have achieved, even though you might not think so!
You survived against all odds, being the queen of multitasking, you were and are the one who held it all together … in relationships, possible motherhood, daughter of elderly parents, career, the list goes on.

So, you may have dropped a few balls in the juggling pursuit, and of course either blamed yourself or were blamed for that …

Underneath it all you may have felt like there was never enough to go around. So, you worked even harder to try to get everything under control … and got more and more disconnected from yourself as a woman.

Like a lot of us professional women, we got good at winning this success game, but exhausting ourselves in this pursuit of more, better, faster … with this creeping sensation of feeling miserable, covering it up with a smile.

Breathe, beautiful Sister. See those bushes full of berries by the side of the river? Let’s pick the juicy ripe ones and enjoy the free sweet treat from nature.

Let’s allow ourselves to shift our focus. All that we need is already here, the universe has provided everything good we will ever need, and everything flourishes from there.

Let us together access a more grounded and resourced place to move from, no matter what chaos we might be facing.

Let’s give ourselves the gift of sacred self-care and nurturing. Let’s surrender into deep relaxation in our bodies and nervous system, and return to the natural flow of our sensual aliveness … trusting pleasure again.

Together we can synchronize from an outflow of love, giving to each other with ease, rather than depletion.

Love and bright blessings,