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Why Join Our Team? … and How to Set Up Your Account

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YL Diamond Leaf _ 100
Our team is open to anyone across the globe who desires to bring purpose, health and wealth into their community and into their world,
those who desire to enrich others with the health supporting oil infused ways.

Having said that, this team has a special heart to help particularly women in their 50's and beyond, how to use essential oils to dial up their feminine radiance, bring vitality and joy even pre-, during and post menopause, etc.
I myself am in my 60's, so I can relate to many of the issues and challenges we women face
to make our second half of life the best yet to come! .... but more of that later ...

We are pretty special
and so are the PERKS that come with joining this TEAM

YL Diamond Leaf_ 1 _ 75

Support: First it is not you helping people alone.
We do NOT leave you alone! We give you plenty resources. If you have a question you cannot answer and
cannot find in the resources, I will direct you to resources that will empower you
and your family.

As a busy wellness entrepreneur myself, plus mother and grandmother, I am
none-the-less available to you. It does mean, however, that we would need
to schedule
support chats, emails and set up a time for this via Skype, Facetime, or What'sApp.

Wholesale pricing for a lifetime, as long as you do 50pv minimum A YEAR.

Young Living Wholesale membership is like Costco Wholesale Corporation,
the American membership-only warehouse club,
however you get the option to upgrade to distributor.

YL Diamond Leaf_ 2 _ 75

Resources: I am part of a truly amazing team network structure.

There are Three Exclusive Facebook groups:

Team Swiftfire (with over 200 files to browse and learn from),

Oil in the Family, great resource for general and personal knowledge for day-to-day
living with the oils. Oil in the Family has a team manual that is full of great information
for new people. That Facebook group is a 101 of how to get started,
and of course there is the

Team Intimacy Wellness which, although open to anyone, focuses on the specific
needs and requirements of our age group, both on a personal, as well as on
an entrepreneurial, professional business level.
In that Facebook group the emphasis is on living happy, healthy and financially secure lives.

There's loads of encouragement and inspiration from the other group members,
celebrating significant mile stones, and so much more.

I also have a welcome packet with resources I send to people.

These Facebook groups, are exclusive and only available to our members.

YL Diamond Leaf_ 3 _ 75Training: Within the Facebook groups we have collectively over
4,500 people, and about 50 experienced oilers and coaches.

We also have two other optional Facebook groups:
Mastermind Facebook Group, and a Prayer Facebook Group ...
should that be of interest to you.

Apart from the Facebook resources, I do local plus Internet training and presentations
to help you and your teams.

We are also in the process of setting up local monthly events for hands on training as well.

I host every three months a local Tea Time just to hang out with my team and
share new resources.

YL Diamond Leaf_ 4 _ 75 $20,000k worth of online training ... just for our team network!
Fresh up-to-date training is added monthly. We bring the training to you!

We have two monthly conference training calls featuring carefully
selected leaders and experts. The conference calls will help you with
product knowledge, as well as smart tips on how to you grow and build your business.
Those calls are usually every first Thursday and Third Thursday (US time) of the month.

Also, once you are Silver, we have a special leaders training group, too.

All 90+ archived calls are available to help you and learn from.

YL Diamond Leaf_5 _ 75 Access to special training e.g. with Dr. Dr. Sharnael Wolverton ND,
and David Stewart,PhD, ND.

Dr. Stewart is a well respected scientist and authority in aromatherapy
and quantum physics. He authored several essential oil books, including
Healing Oils of the Bible and Chemistry of the Essential Oils.
Dr. Stewart also one of the most knowledgeable and seasoned authorities
on the "Raindrop Technique".

YL Diamond Leaf_6 _ 75Regular Meetings with Promotions We have normally at least one monthly
local meeting.

There are Team Swiftfire promotions, Young Living's own promotions,
and I also usually have promotions going on. Everyone loves promotions!
They are ways to get FREE stuff.

YL Diamond Leaf_7_ 75 My Passion and Big WHY? is Simple:

Enjoying life, family and relationships with maximum possible health,
spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically,
without any financial restraints.

The freedom to liberally contribute to others from my abundance of resources
of time, energy, and funds is very important to me, whilst continually growing and
developing my own potential and purpose in life.

Coupled with this, is my desire to empower other conscious, heart-centered spiritual
boomers and especially mature women to realize the same within their own dreams.

My HOW is to encourage, empower and educate myself and like-minded individuals
how to create and build a sustainable entrepreneurial business, resulting in increasing
residual income within a supportive community

My WHAT is utilizing nature’s healing and nurturing power of 100% therapeutically
pure essential oils and essential oils infused products
to support all aspects of vitality
and quality life.

Once you start experiencing the oils, and develop your own stories, you will soon start
to realize why I am so passionate
… and why I am such a huge OIL ENTHUSIAST!

YL Diamond Leaf_8_ 75
Further there are YouTube videos, Periscope Broadcasts, newsletters, blogs,
and more to help educate, train, support, encourage and inspire.



Ready Join Our Team?

YL enrollment form

We are a community where friendship, comradery, and of course sisterhood is really important! (By the way we also welcome men in our family and business partners). Actually it’s more like a nurturing family, and we strive to make sure you have the BEST support you need in all stages of your journey.

Once you set up your Membership Account, you will be part of our family. The premium kit is the best option to have with most tools to start you off. Should you have any questions along the way, we will do our best to provide resources and support.


Setting Up Your Membership Account


Follow these steps to join our Family, become a member of Young Living, and start your own business:

1. Click this link for the Member Sign Up page.

2. On the Sign Up page, choose Member.

3. If a number does is not automatically included in the Sponsor and Enroller ID fields, please put in 1186737 for INTIMACYWELLNESS (Geli Heimann) as your Enroller and Sponsors. OR if you already have an YL Diamond Sisterhood Team Member‘s member number, put their Sponsor ID number in the blanks as enroller and sponsor. (also make sure you select your own country of residence)

4. Click Continue to complete the rest of the Enrollment application.

5. On the next page, Choose a Premium Starter Kit as your initial business kit. This kit contains some of our most requested oils. Use the products in this kit to familiarize yourself with the oils as well as the samples, guides and business materials so you can start sharing with others right away.

That’s it! As soon as your membership is processed, we will contact you to personally welcome you to the family and answer any questions you you might have.



So, here it is again in video:


Questions about Signing Up for Young Living? from Young Living on Vimeo.