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Get to know Geli


Hi, I’m Geli.
Business psychologist, transformational holistic therapist,
vibrational energy coach and educator for complimentary and alternative healing wellbeing,
also for trantra intimacy in long-term relationships,

Feminine sage spiritual alchemist,
enthusiast for quantum sciences, ordained minister, entrepreneur, writer,
lover, mother, grandmother…

Facilitator for “detoxing” negative beliefs,
catalyst for emerging leaders and revolutionaries and change-makers who are ready to claim their higher impact in their world.


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Are you ready for a “mindset detox” and healing from stress and past traumas?
I’m here to show you how can go deeper and get clearer about what you truly choose to create in your life,
finding ways to move past victim modes to attract… create… magnetize… what you really, truly Desire.

I’m here to wake you up to the truth that you are a powerful Co-Creator with the Divine, breaking down self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours.

I especially love to show you how to create more money, doing Life and Business ON YOUR TERMS! 🙂


“I saw an angel in the block of marble and I just chiseled ’til I set him free.”
~ Michelangelo

When they asked Michelangelo how he made his statue of David he is reported to have said,
“It is easy. You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David.”
~ Michelangelo

You Are A Masterpiece of Divine Creation!

You have the capacity to Co-Create with the Divine

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Here’s the “Official” Third Person Bio:


Geli Heimann BSc (Hons.) MSc. Psych (a.k.a. Angelika Regina Heimann … my full name)