How to Get Out of a Funk by Raising Your Vibrational Frequency

Beloved Senior Goddess Sister, do you sometimes feel like you just do not want to let your radiance shine?
… when it feels more like heavy dark clouds surround you and every step of the way is an effort?

… you just don’t feel like yourself,

and being around other people is … well … just too much?

My dear Sister, you are not alone in this! Having a funk-low day, or depression (there is a difference), is quite ‘secretive’. It can seep in at any point and slowly robs us of our ability to do things we once enjoyed, adding stress to an already stressful life.

It is useful to get yourself checked out by a qualified medical practitioner for fatigue, sleep apnea, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc.

Interestingly, women are twice as much affected by this than men. Life after 60 is a time of transition in many ways.

According to the Gallup Poll, about 1 in 7 women are currently being treated for depression. Even more interesting are the findings that “treatment-resistant depression” is on the rise. (treatment-resistant depression is defined as depression that does not respond to two different medications when taken one after the other at the right dose and for the right amount of time).

Again, please always check with your qualified medical practitioner.

Having said that, I am always happy to recommend complimentary support, and there are so many methods for that.

We’ll have a look at two interrelated areas: the pineal gland, which is located in the geometric center of the brain and increasing the vibrational frequency within you and in your energy field.
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Healing Power of Drumming – Root Chakra

According to current medical research, stress is a cause of 98% of all disease. Not only heart attacks, strokes, immune system breakdowns, but every disease known, with the exception of two viruses, has now been linked to stress. Recent biofeedback studies show that drumming along with our own heartbeats for 15 minutes alters brainwave patterns (increasing alpha) and dramatically reduces stress. So drumming actually "medicates" us!

This drum piece incorporates the low gravelly earthy sound of the didgeridoo which supports the root chakra.