Infuse Your Ageless Energy & Deep Inner Radiance with NingXia Red®


Namaste, Goddess!

“The divine in me honours the divine in you”. Graced by your presence here in this web space, Goddess, I honour you.


Now, you may not feel like a Goddess right now, and you might even think that this greeting is a bit over the top, woowoo, or that I might have just come from a yoga class or returned from an Ashram. None of that is the case!

…. and what on earth does this have anything to do with a functional nutrition drink?


Allow me to explain, please.
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Beet Juice and Lemon Essential Oil – The Liver and Cardiovascular Support

beet-juice-and-lemon-oil-copy-300x400 Two very simple ingredients: I juiced 1 1/2 large beets and then stirred in 4 drops of lemon essential oil. The oil camouflaged the earthiness of the beet and turned it into irresistible yumminess. Lemon oil is a very good oil for detoxifying the liver, beet juice is a liver-protective food and is also cardiovascular supportive.

Please note: I recommend that the only essential oils you can safely ingest are Young Living Essential Oils!

Boost Your Energy and Support those Adrenals Naturally

I invite you to try our an essential oil blend which cab help to revitalise, uplift, strengthen, and restore mental alertness. When it comes to the typical afternoon slump I tend to reach for the coffee, so give this blend a try, it worked for me beautifully, I was pleasantly surprised. Currently I have it on me as well, and indeed no need for coffee. I find it is both energizing as well as calming … the energy lift without any hyper adrenaline affect. I suppose the addition of the Balsam Fir gives it this tranquil element of relaxed alertness.
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Mind Body Soul Connection: Why are Enzymes Important?

DO YOU KNOW: Why are Enzymes Important?

Enzymes do more than just sustain life, they are catalysts for virtually every biological and chemical reaction in the body. Without enzymes, life itself could not exist. As we age however, our own enzyme production significantly diminishes. The enzymes we need to maintain healthy joints, a strong immune system, good circulation and overall balanced well-be
ing are less available.

GH - Hippocrates copyAs we begin to mature and these enzyme levels decline, we become subject to enzyme deficiency. This can lead to wide variety of health concerns, including unhealthy amounts of fibrin accumulating in our joints, our blood and veins and throughout our system.

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