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Psychosensual Massage with Essential Oils – Mainly For Women


Geli Heimann's Intimacy Wellness Studio

Geli Heimann’s Intimacy Wellness Studio

serene and tranquil.


Welcome to an oasis of bliss
and deep relaxation
in London …


Yearning for a tender caress? … feeling safe and cared for,
reverently, sensuously touched
held in a respectful way
with your own boundaries honoured? ….

… what would it be like if you could momentarily escape all responsibilities, duties and being there for others, and step into a cozy lush feminine oasis of calm to be pampered and pleasured?

Imagine you could just be, releasing worries and stresses, stretch out on a massage couch and exhale.


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Imagine being touched in a respectful, honouring, caring and tender way
which only a woman can, uniquely relating to your feminine needs and concerns …

Imagine unconditional regard and acceptance, no matter your age (MUST be over 18), size, shape, body issues, disabilities … no need to shave legs or anything else for that matter …

Imagine being able to abandon yourself into deep relaxation, feeling safe to completely let yourself go
without embarrassment or guilt.

Imagine you could allow yourself to accept delicious sensations and pleasure with gentle arousal, or experiencing a sumptuous vibrational full body orgasmic state with no climax needed.

Imagine you could just receive without any shame or sexual expectation or reciprocation …


Geli Heimann's Intimacy Wellness Studio

Geli Heimann’s Intimacy Wellness Studio

Imagine the bliss … with every soft sensual stroke your deeply guarded sacred feminine desire is tenderly opened, uncurling one delicious nerve ending at the time, dissolving into absolute pleasure and relaxation … in a candle lit ambiance of soothing sounds with powerful therapeutic essential oils being diffused.


Sensuous massage at Geli Heimann's Intimacy Wellness Studio

Sensuous massage at Geli Heimann’s Intimacy Wellness Studio


Tenderly caressing your breasts and other erogenous zones you are being invited to give yourself permission to feel a full-body arousal and enter into an orgasmic state of bliss.

There is no need to climax. If you do, that’s fine, if you don’t that is equally fine. The key is for you to deeply connect with your body’s delicious sensation and fully experience them, rather than some fantasy!

A fantasy lives in the mind and completely distracts from the body’s own felt delicacies. The ecstatic orgasmic state sensation can only be fully experienced in this meditative letting go of what should or shouldn’t happen.

Geli Heimann's Intimacy Wellness Studio

Geli Heimann’s Intimacy Wellness Studio

Women often get absorbed in a romantic lovers fantasy. Although generated in the mind, it’s nonetheless an ‘externally’ inspired titillation which can be addictive. It’s what I call a brain-genital spark that can produce a quick climax relief.

The meditative focus on pure bodily feelings and sensations, however, allows for a full body orgasmic state to develop which is deeply satisfying and empowering to the sacred sexual feminine essence. Apart from feeling wonderful and amazing, it can linger on for days afterwards.

So, imagine truly caring hands serving you, your whole divine feminine being, spirit, soul and body, with utter respect. To me, it is not just a psycho-somatic experience, but also spiritual. I am very aware of how energy plays a major part in this.

Serving you with a priestly demeanor and quality, ego removed, esteeming the divine in you, there are no personal preferences and no judgements. Your body is uniquely beautiful. It may have ‘battle scars’ or shows signs of a life lived under various circumstances, maybe ravaged by trauma, abuse, losses, and other deep soul/body wounds.

My approach is that of full reverence, and celebrating the very special person you have become, and I desire to honour you with this meditative sacred sensual healing touch art to deepen your experience of your sacred sexuality and orgasmic pleasure.

The biochemistry of pleasure is vital in the healthy functioning. The production of Nitric Oxide is triggered by pleasure. Nitric Oxide relaxes blood vessel walls, which allows the vessels to widen and encourages more blood to flow through them. Pleasure is very much needed!

Receiving a sensual intimate massage thus lowers stress, floods your body with sumptuous feel-good hormones … oh yeah, and acts as a real beauty boost, too, not to mention that it slows down aging … relaxes you deeply, increases your libido, and can even make you a better lover if you have a partner.


This is your personal time entirely, at a safe place, a healing and wellbeing sanctuary, discretely tucked away in North West London, off the beaten track (even the parking is free, so no concerns there either) …


A sensual massage … what does it mean to you?

herbal tea in glass _ lighter_500x277 Let’s start with a welcoming conversation, relaxing with a cup of herbal tea – a tisane if you prefer a posher sound – or a glass of water with some refreshing essential oils. It’s really nice to get to know each other and feel comfortable with each other.

You may want to have a sensual massage meditation time simply because you treasure yourself and desire some much deserved me-time pampering. Actually quite a few of my clients understand this as a very important self-care practice.

In our day to day hectic busy lifestyle as women we tend to be there for others more than truly for ourselves. Even when we have wonderful great sex with our partners, we tend to feel selfish just receiving and not reciprocating.

The art of sacred love-making takes time, energy and being fully present. Some of us are blessed to be in a relationship with deeply conscious men who understand this level intimate sexual communion that completely transcends typical high friction sex. It is a wonderful lifestyle to be enjoyed within a committed and conscious relationship. However, most ladies I meet are either single, they are not ready for a relationship for the time being or haven’t found their soulmate, yet – or they are in a relationship where everything else works beautifully, except for the sex life.

For some others, they are looking for releasing tensions and stress of a hectic life – to step out of a more masculine mode due to work or business issues and then relax into their deeply nourishing feminine essence. A meditative sensual massage can also be very beneficial for those experiencing sexual anxieties and performance problems.

Quite a few of my clients also have bravely come through huge life storms of trauma including sexual abuse or domestic violence with deep soul wounds and trust issues with men. Healing touch, together with gentle energy psychology can bring much relief and wholeness. Learning to establish healthy boundaries and re-empowering the divine feminine with all the glorious vibrancy is then very much needed.


As a holistic intimacy wellness coach and psychologist in private practice,
I find that ‘energy psychology’ is a gentle way to facilitate healing and wholeness
to those who have faced trauma, PTSD and stress.
In many cases the healing path comes first before full pleasure can be experienced.


A meditative psychosensual massage is not just as a pleasurable addition, but as an emotional and physiological treatment promoting high level of oxytocin that ensures that you benefit from the total relaxation and intimate connection. An orgasmic state with or without a climax ensures the promotion of prolactin that enhances total respite.

A psychosensual massage is a combination therapy that provides a fusion of massage and psychosexual mentoring. It is specifically designed for the client who has issues or challenges around sexuality, intimacy, sexual anxiety, abuse and trauma.

Various clinical studies have also shown how important sexual healing is to recovery from trauma.

An orgasmic sensual massage increases the flow of chemicals that naturally boost and strengthen the immune system, improves cholesterol levels, stimulates the circulation, invigorates the heart and diminishes the intensity of pain. It also reduces the effects of stress, as measured by blood pressure and cortisol.

Society tells us to look after ourselves physically with exercise and healthy nutrition – but it often ignores nurturing our sexual selves.



Geli Heimann's Intimacy Wellness Studio - Office

Geli Heimann’s Intimacy Wellness Studio – Office

So, you have some questions?


Here are some answers


I have a partner/husband. Should I tell him that I wish to have an intimacy massage from a woman?

Yes! Honesty is ALWAYS the best option. Secrets in relationships create rifts and can lead to trust problems, or more. You can say to your partner that you wish to explore and understand your sacred sexual desire and body more. If you feel like you and your partner need a little guidance and show your partner some new ways to pleasure you, a special session can be arranged.

Having said that, you alone know your relationship with your partner best. If you decide that you want to keep the massage quiet and confidential and just experience it for your personal nourishing healing relaxation “me-time”, I will respect that. If you are in a otherwise happy relationship, it may help you with being less frustrated or disappointed about the lack of sexual intimacy between him and yourself, and still enjoying everything else that you value in your partnership.


Inviting you for a therapeutic conversation or coaching session at Geli Heimann's Intimacy Wellness Studio

Inviting you for a therapeutic conversation or coaching session at Geli Heimann’s Intimacy Wellness Studio

I am not a lesbian, won’t it feel weird to receive an sensual intimate massage from a woman?
I am not a lesbian either. A full body, including vulva, bodywork with a therapeutically assisted orgasmic state with or without climax, should be seen as
a conscious mindfulness practice, part of a self-care regime or a healing modality. It is neither a sexual service, nor a substitute for a healthy loving relationship!

Please note: Genital touch is only given with full client consent and is done in order to re-create, as best as possible, real responses in the receiver in order for her to practice the techniques and emotional strategies discussed during the mentoring.

Due to the stress and tension relieving aspect, a sensual massage can support you to release a certain neediness and irritability due to frustrations, and unmet needs that could create frictions in your relationship with your partner. Thus you’d be more relaxed and in your feminine to enjoy the time with your loved one when it matters.

In addition, there are many women who are uncomfortable being naked around men. There is always the slight fear that he’ll get turned on, and that professionalism might fly out of the window ….


An important aspect of my role as an intimacy wellness practitioner and facilitator is to ensure that you feel completely safe in the container of our sessions. It is of paramount importance that both our boundaries are respected at all times during this work.



List of All Treatments, including Therapeutic Conversation and Teaching, with Prices

Body Treatments for Women Mainly


2 hour appointment, including 90-minute full body sensual, intimate massage – £195
This will also include a therapeutic conversation and teaching. The massage will bring a relaxing, nourishing, healing, and orgasmic state of bliss.

90-minute ‘Re – Energize’ appointment, including 75mins sensual massage – £145
This will also include a therapeutic conversation and teaching.

75 minute appointment including 60-minute ‘Semi Sensual Stress buster massage – £125
This will also include a therapeutic conversation and teaching.


Body Treatments for Couples


– Teaching couples how to give each other sacred sensual pleasure –
also teaching women how to give a massage to their partner for multiple dry full-body orgasms


2 hour appointment, including a therapeutic conversation, as well as a 90-minute Watch, Learn & Touch – Couples Massage

Sensual – £245

Sexual Intimacy – £345


90-minute One After The Other – Couples Consecutive Massage teaching – £325

This is for those couples who previously had a 2 hour appointment.




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Geli Heimann's Intimacy Wellness Studio

Geli Heimann’s Intimacy Wellness Studio